Release 1.5.0

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Features / Changes / Fixes

  • If a dialog is shown in a window other than the MainWindow, OwningWindow will be used if available to detect the theme. #2840
  • Fixed an issue for DateTimePicker when the time is cleared if a date is selected. #2837
  • HamburgerMenu changes and improvements
    • New HamburgerMenuIconItem helper class which can be used to put any object icon to the menu item.
    • Fixed tab order and keyboard selection.
    • ItemCommand and OptionsItemCommand
    • Command for HamburgerMenuItem
    • New property PaneForeground for HamburgerMenu and Splitview and new Foreground/Background brushes MahApps.Metro.HamburgerMenu.PaneBackgroundBrush, MahApps.Metro.HamburgerMenu.PaneForegroundBrush
    • Update scroll behavior to match with the UWPCommunityToolkit (see UWP Toolkit Issue #954).
      • Add a new dependency property VerticalScrollBarOnLeftSide to show the vertical scrollbar on the left side
      • Use a disappearing ScrollViewer
    • Add HamburgerVisibility property UWPCommunityToolkit #1020
    • Set Content for HamburgerMenu only if one of the inner ListBox controls has a selected item.
    • New HamburgerMenuHeaderTemplate property to set a header right of the HamburgerMenu button. @SilverDragon135 #2917
    • Implement the interface ICommandSource and handle Command binding change to hook or unhook command executable.
    • Add MahApps.Metro.Styles.HamburgerMenu style key to the HamburgerMenu.
  • If ShowInTaskbar = false, when double click on the title bar of a minimized window, the window will be restored instead of maximized. #2854 @hausenism
  • Fix WindowCommands tab stop bug #2858 @neilt6
  • Don't overwrite cancellation for window close event #2868 @batzen
  • Expose close button margin for MetroTabItem #2803
  • New Badged control. Thx to @ButchersBoy
  • The ControlsHelper.CornerRadius can now used for SplitButton and DropDownButton.
  • New underline types for TabControl and MetroTabControl #2902
    • Adds a new Underlined attached property to TabControlHelper which controls the type of the underline type. The old IsUnderlined property is now obsolete.
    /// <summary>
    /// Specifies the underline position of a TabControl.
    /// </summary>
    public enum UnderlinedType
        None, // nothing
        TabItems, // the old behavior with `IsUnderlined="True"`
        SelectedTabItem, // selected TabItem underlined + underline hover effect for unselected items
        TabPanel // underlined TabPanel and selected/hovered TabItem
    • Add also new Brush attached properties to enable easy changing the underline brushes.
  • New underline types also for AnimatedTabControl and AnimatedSingleRowTabControl styles and for MetroAnimatedTabControl and MetroAnimatedSingleRowTabControl #2905
  • Fix / improve AnimatedSingleRowTabControl styles
    • Fix template changing (doesn't works if TabStripPlacement was changed)
    • Disappear arrow repeat buttons
    • Use brush, hover and pressed brush like normal ScrollViewer
  • Fixed ClearTypeHint and wrong Margin for ComboBox and ComboBoxItem #2903
  • Fix ListView style issues
    • Use accent brush for highlighted border
    • Fix SnapsToDevicePixels usage
    • Fix disabled foreground brush
  • Fix SnapsToDevicePixels usage for CheckBox
  • Flyout changes and improvements
    • Fix Flyout modal usage. All title bar commands are now hidden if a Flyout is modal.
    • Fix background and foreground usage of controls in a Flyout if user changes theme on the fly. #2337 The Flyout has a different background, so we should override some background and foreground brushes and colors.
    • Change Flyout from ContentControl to HeaderedContentControl which has the correct properties for headers.
    • Enable Border for Flyout
  • Use GrayBrush7 and WhiteBrush for menu Separator instead fixed colors.
  • Fix BindingExpression at DropDownButton. Don't set ItemTemplateto ContentTemplate, ItemTemplateSelector to ContentTemplateSelector and ItemStringFormat to ContentStringFormat. This breaks the whole usage of the content stuff and shows a BindingExpression path error. #2883
  • New UsernameCharacterCasing property for LoginDialogSettings #2683
  • Fix SelectionChanged event of SplitButton which fires now only once.
  • Add TransitionCompleted event to MetroContentControl and WindowTransitionCompleted event to MetroWindow which will be fired after the loaded Storyboard is completed.
  • Add new WatermarkAlignment attached property to TextBoxHelper which indicates the horizontal alignment of the watermark (incl. floating watermark).
  • Add new DataGridHelper with EnableCellEditAssist attached property which enabled direct editing for CheckBox and ComboBox cells. (default to false) Thx to @ButchersBoy (taken from MaterialDesignInXamlToolkit)

Closed Issues

  • #2835 ShowMessageAnsync() causes exception
  • #2848 HamburgerMenu Command MVVM
  • #2866 Validation-Popup won't be opened after closing by mouse left button down
  • #2870 MahApps Not Thread Safe But Should Be [Test Case]
  • #2877 Can't bind to ShowTitleBar
  • #2871 SplitButton CornerRadius
  • #2862 Flyout close button icon is incorrect when setting flow direction right to left
  • #1938 Problem with window size
  • #2066 On Windows 8 a window with height 23px resizes to 39px after dragging
  • #2792 Win32Exception on closing window
  • #2886 NumericUpDown: HasDecimals=False & using a bound StringFormat allows to enter a decimal point @davericardo
  • #2885 [Bug] Badged Control Causes Window Loading to Hang
  • #2895 [RFC] [Enhancement] Proposed TabControlHelper.IsUnderlined Change
  • #2903 1 pixel space between ComboBoxItems closes ComboBox
  • #2841 Modal flyout issue
  • #2337 Flyout style from Accent to Light is not working
  • #2883 Can Reproduce BindingExpression path error: ... property not found ... On DropDownButton
  • #2683 [Question] Force TextBox uppercase in ShowLoginAsync
  • #2857 HamburgerMenuItem Scrolling
  • #1835 Window animation interferes with WindowsFormsHost positioning
  • #2917 Hamburger Header Templating
  • #2332 Calendar ignores IsTodayHighlighted property
  • #2434 DataGridNumericUpDownColumn foreground color
  • #2627 Inconsistent FloatingWatermark Alignment
  • #2865 [Feature request]Enable/Disable of Hamburger Menu Item
  • #2880 RangeSlider: Inadequate snapping to ticks
  • #2812 Font family in Flyout.xaml and MetroNavigationWindow.xaml
  • #2764 Flyout - Border not shown
  • #2515 NumericUpDown Value not displayed
  • #1929 MetroDataGridCheckBox style prevents the CellEditEnding