Release 0.12.1

Saturday, February 1, 2014


  • Fixed various bugs with the themed Flyouts (#947 #949):
    • A dark Flyout doesn't have dark window commands anymore
    • Only the topmost Flyout changes the WindowCommands, if it is closed, the WindowCommands adapt to the underlying Flyout
    • Theme changes are respected properly
  • Flyouts respect the template margin #867 #974
  • Fixed an OverflowException in the CleanWindowStyle #897 #903
  • Fixed various bugs for the NumericUpDown control: #952 #953
    • Fix for NumericUpDown exception raised when trying to enter a number in scientific notation
    • Fixed a problem with too early speedup
  • Improved the performance for theme changes, they should now work instantly.
  • Fixed an issue with the WindowCommands of a CleanWindow, they were white and therefore invisible when a BorderlessWindowBehavior was attached.