Release 1.4.2

Monday, January 30, 2017

Changes / Fixes

  • #2814 Correct display of media buttons in HotKeyBox (thx @thoemmi)
  • 7fcc6b7 Fix breaking changes for obsolete properties ButtonHelper.PreserveTextCase, ButtonHelper.CornerRadius and ControlsHelper.ButtonWidth
  • a1d199d Fix binding to Content of HamburgerMenu
  • #2799 DateTimePicker SelectedDate issue (thx @xxMUROxx)
    • Fix issue where SelectedDate is set to the DisplayDate if the SelectedDate is DateTime.MinValue. This issue appears when binding to a property of DateTime and the date is DateTime.MinValue.
  • Z-Order was wrong if MetroWindow is ignoring the Taskbar and maximized. This fix and the main Taskbar z-Order issue only happens with Windows 10 anniversary update 1607. Hopefully fixed in the future. #2780
  • Use internal GetPhysicalCursorPos instead GetCursorPos (tested with remote desktop and different DPI) #2748

Closed Issues

  • #2585 HotKeyBox gives wrong names to multimedia buttons
  • #2817 TransitioningContentControl's TransitionCompleted event fires twice
  • #2804 TransitionsEnabled=false NullpointerException
  • #2823 Issue with ClearTextButton on TextBox
  • #2815 Layout issue with TabControl, TabStripPlacement Left, TabControlHelper.IsUnderlined="True"
  • #2770 Increase Win10 ToggleSwitch Default Margins
  • #2780 External Dialogs not visible with MainWindow set to IgnoreTaskbarOnMaximize
  • #2748 Access Denied
  • #2591 Weird MetroProgressBar animation with IsIndeterminate=true