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Version 1.1.2 released


This is a bug fix release of MahApps.Metro.

Bugfixes / Changes

  • Added alignment properties for MetroDataGridRowHeader style #1819
  • Fixed Gripper for MetroDataGridRowHeader style #1822
  • Fixed runtime change of IgnoreTaskbarOnMaximize with a maximized window (there was a bug with the frame) #1823 (39a7e05)
  • Fixed upgrading the WindowPlacementSettings on version change #1787 #1736 (ada352b)
  • Fixed a painting issue of the entire window and the maximize action (5ae97f9)
  • Fixed another Topmost bug: Window is going behind other windows on program start #1251 (6b0a8fa)
  • Fixed brief flashing window when launched (e.g. from the explorer) #1781 (4b42fe0)