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Version 1.1.0 released


This is a bug fix and fetaure release of MahApps.Metro.


  • It’s now possible to get an opened dialog from a MetroWindow #1739
  • Allow the user to disable the window dragging #1669
  • Dialogs can now use the ColorScheme = MetroDialogColorScheme.Inverted
  • Add MouseOverGlowEnabled to FlipView
  • Back/Forward Buttons now enabled/disabled instead visible/or not
  • AreAnimationsEnabled property for Flyout to show the Flyout directly or with animation
  • MaximumBodyHeight for MetroDialogSettings, so we can get a ScrollViewer for tall dialog content
  • IsMinButtonEnabled, IsMaxRestoreButtonEnabled and IsCloseButtonEnabled to enable/disable the window buttons at WindowButtonCommands @romerod #1562
  • IdealForegroundDisabledBrush to set the foreground for disabled window buttons at WindowButtonCommands #1581
  • MetroWindow animates now on minimize/maximize/restore window action (limited by ignoring the taskbar) #1756
  • It’s now possible to put the MahApps styles only in a window and the main app will remain unaffected (all buttons and commands will be styled as good as well.) #1777
  • The underline position is based on TabstripPlacement property of TabControl. (ControlsHelper.IsUnderlined) #1737 #1478
  • It’s now possible to upgrade the WindowPlacementSettings on version change (minor breaking change) #1787 #1736
  • New property ShowSeparators for WindowCommands, so it’s possible to hide the WindowCommands seperators
  • MetroTabItem now supports the TabControlHelper.IsUnderlined attached property #1795 #1796
  • Flyout focus enhancement #1805
    It’s now possible to set FocusedElement and AllowFocusElement to enable focusing mechanism
    • If AllowFocusElement is set to True the Flyout tries to focus the first focusable element, if there is no focusable element, it tries to focus an element in the header section.
    • If FocusedElement is set the Flyout focus this element.
  • Better default CapsLock icon for PasswordBox SHA
  • Add a callback for ShowIconOnTitleBar #1810, so we can hide the icon e.g. after window is loaded #1688
  • New CornerRadiuis property for MetroButton and ToggleButton style SHA, SHA, SHA


  • Simplify styles (backwards-compatible changes and fixes, e.g. disabled style) for PasswordBox, TextBox, DatePicker, CheckBox, RadioButton, SquareButton, MetroButton, ToggleButton, ComboBox, ComboBoxItem
  • Use IdealForegroundColor for AccentSelectedColorBrush (for better results in ListBox, ListView, DataGrid and ComboBox)


  • Fixed maximize button path only displays partially when using SaveWindowPosition #1580 #1693
  • Fixed background of ComboBox #1713
  • Use UseLayoutRounding for MetroWindow for better pixel stuff SHA
  • Fixed ideal foreground for some color styles #1748
  • Fixed disabled window buttons foreground (and add IdealForegroundDisabledBrush to handle this) #1581
  • Fixed wrong max/restore button tool tip when maximized SHA
  • Fixed wrong window size while moving maximized window between monitors #1275
  • Fixed the cursor of the button in the ProgressDialog #1763
  • Fixed text wrapping for MessageDialog Message #1776 #1766
  • Fixed missing behavior when toggle UseNoneWindowStyle SHA
  • Fixed foreground color of WindowComands and WindowButtonCommands #1788 #1503
  • Fixed PasswordBox with ClearTextButton doesnt show the button #1718
  • Fixed wrong text for buttons in dialogs (it’s now preserve by default) #1793 #1755
  • Fixed usage of ClearTextButton: Subscribe to clear button even if control is already loaded. #1764 #1797
  • Fixed SplitButton SelectedIndex and SelectedItem (binds now two way by default) #1798
  • Fixed losing Window shadow [EnableDWMDropShadow] #1791 #1799
  • Fixed alignment of decrement button on vertical scrollbars #1800
  • Fixed non working button click action with TextboxHelper.ClearTextButton="True" after visibilty change #1268 #1809
  • Fixed CaretBrush after theme changed for PasswordBox SHA and DatePicker SHA
  • Fixed disabled ComboBox style (looks now like other controls) SHA
  • Fixed disabled DatePicker style and wrong showing watermark SHA
  • Fixed wrong WindowPlacement saving with Border snaps #1811 #1814
  • Fixed color disappearing for DataGrid selection #1728 #1816
  • Fixed FocusVisualStyle in Flyouts (surround Flyout content with AdornerDecorator) SHA