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Version 1.0.0 released


This is the first stable release of MahApps.Metro.

We removed everything marked as obsolete and made some API changes, but from now on MahApps.Metro follows Semantic Versioning, at least API wise. Please note that minor visual changes can still occur if there’s a need for them.

A migration guide for the breaking changes is available here:


  • Added a StatusBar and StatusBarItem style #1558
  • Added the TitleVisibility and CloseButtonVisibility properties to the flyouts to control the visibility of the header.
  • Added the ButtonHelper.PreserveTextCase attached property to control the automatic upper and lower casing of certain buttons. #1622
  • If an .ico file contains multiple icon sizes, MetroWindow now automatically selects the optimal icon size. #1242 #1628
  • ShowMetroDialogAsync now accepts MetroDialogSettings as argument so custom dialogs derived from the CustomDialog class can have a fade-in and fade-out animation
  • The ToggleSwitch control can now be dragged with the mouse to change the enabled state #1652 #1595
  • The CleanWindow’s close button now has a red background when hovering with the mouse.


  • The IsOpenChangedEvent of the Flyout control is now a routed event
  • The animation of the Flyout control matches the Windows 8 flyout behavior more closely #1460
  • Changed the event names of the ‘NumericUpDown’ control control #1518
  • Split up the ControlsHelper class into multiple more granular helper classes #1520 #1582
  • SimpleDialog has been renamed to CustomDialog #1613
  • BaseMetroDialog now inherits from ContentControl instead of Control. The DialogBody property has effectively been replaced by the Content property. #1615
  • All elements in the titlebar now use the IdealForegroundBrush for a better contrast to the accent color. #1611
  • The text in dialog buttons isn’t lowercase by default anymore.
  • Eliminated the need to pass the owning BaseMetroTabControl to MetroTabItem #1624
  • TextBoxHelper is now written with an uppercase B to match TextBox.


  • Fixed the TabItem close button requiring MahApps.Metro.Resources #1524
  • Fixed the ClearType partially not working #1537
  • Fixed flyouts closing when clicking on a formatting element #1487 #1508
  • Fixed potential deadlocks when unloading the AppDomain #1584
  • Fixed bad Combobox behaviour (Popup dropdown height) with new items #1521
  • Fixed not showing window commands and buttons if a flyout is open by default #1627
  • Fixed closing a tab doesn’t work under specific circumstances #1639
  • Fixed the ToggleSwitch control not respecting the height and width properties. #1652 #1466
  • Fixed MetroProgressBar System.Windows.Media.Animation Warning 6 #1664
  • Fixed opening animation of dynamically created flyouts #1665 #1655
  • Fixed WindowSettings SaveWindowPosition saves to position 0,0 if window not shown #1671 #1672
  • Fixed memory leak and exception with dynamically created Flyouts (mostly happens with Caliburn) #1681
  • Fixed the focus border not showing up for message dialog buttons #1679 #1684
  • Fixed the automatic focus for dialogs #1679 #1684
  • Fixed blurry contextmenu/menu and menu items #1674 #1685