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Version 0.13.0 released


The 0.13 release of MahApps.Metro marks a very important change in the MetroWindow infrastructure along with several other fixes and improvements.

We’ve also updated the MahApps.Metro.Resources NuGet package with the latest icons.


Custom themes

MahApps.Metro now allows to define custom themes for the application. We’ve rewritten the ThemeManager for this (don’t worry, your old code should still work, but most old methods are now marked as Obsolete)

To add a theme, use the new AddAppTheme theme method.

Completely rewritten BorderlessWindowBehavior

The BorderlessWindowBehavior has been completely rewritten, to fix a number of issues that have accumulated over time.

For a complete list of fixes, see PR #1156

Auto-closing flyouts

Flyouts now have an option to be automatically closed when the user clicks outside of the flyout. We renamed the property IsPinnable (that had no use) to IsPinned for this. IsPinned is true by default and, if set to false, enables the auto-closing feature.


The RangeSlider control has been completely rewritten because it was unusably broken before.

See PR #1055 for more info.

Titlebar enhancements

  • The titlebar now supports vector icons
  • Added LeftWindowCommands This means that the normal WindowCommands property is now obsolete and is called RightWindowCommands
  • The minimize/maximize/close button can now be styled
  • Added ShowWindowCommandsOnTop property for window buttons #1098 (thanks @100GPing100)


  • Added properties to change the font size of a tile #864 #1013
  • Added support for ToggleButtons in the window commands #954
  • Replace existing RangeSlider by new RangeSlider - #885 - see PR #920 / #1055
  • Flyouts’ IsPinnable property doesn’t seem to do anything - #866 - #1000
  • Tile Font size - #864 -> #1013 (@100GPing100)
  • Update FlatSlider.xaml #858 (thanks @HansHuang)
  • Auto-close flyout #962 - #1000 (thanks @100GPing100)
  • Added the border to the visual studio styles. - #904 ( @punker76 ) PR #1140
  • Added ButtonCommandMetroPasswordBox ( @punker76 ) #993 PR #1097
  • Independently control dialog show/hide animation #1168 (@Savvkin)
  • The expander control now has a disabled look #1266 #1267


  • Fixed the external dialog not being cleaned up propely and crahsing the next dialog #994 #996
  • Fixed various MetroWindow issues with multiple monitors #1099 #1136
  • Fixed an OverflowException in the clean window #897
  • Fixed issues with the airspace decorator #1077 #961
  • Support TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" #889
  • Removed the unintended FocusVisualStyle from the window command buttons #833 #1012
  • Fixed an OverflowException that could occur with multiple monitors #624 #1014
  • Fixed various issues with the glow border #933 #936
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException occuring if a dialog was opened after an external dialog #994 #996
  • Fixed the FlatSlider ignoring custom dimensions #858
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException occuring in the GlowWindow #1044
  • Fixed various issues with the dialogs #1050
  • Fixed a warning in the flyout’s style #955
  • Fixed MetroProgressBar and ProgressRing issue Perfomance GPU” #812
  • Fixed FlipView HideBanner uses height, which is often NaN, should probably be ActualHeight instead #1053
  • Fixed the Tile static constructor. #1131 (thanks @maw136)
  • Fixed after an upgrade to 0.11, title bar icon would have silver background instead of blue (accent). - #922
  • Fixed GroupBox issue on flyout with the theme set to accent #1067 PR #1126 (thanks @Tide)