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Version 0.12.0 released


After only 2 months and nearly 300 commits, this is one of the feature-richest releases we’ve ever done.

This release, again, contains some breaking changes. We try to break things now rather than later, when we release version 1.0 (which is hopefully soon).

A quick overview:

  • ProgressIndicator is now removed, as it wasn’t working as expected. Use MetroProgressBar with IsIndeterminate = True instead, which should give a much smoother experience.
  • Like ProgressIndicator, MetroImage has been removed because it was broken. A better alternative is to use a simple Rectangle, as described here
  • For the same reasons, the Panorama control has been removed. While we have no drop-in replacement for this control, if you really want it back, you can always submit a pull request with a better Panorama, but beware, it most likely needs a serious rewrite.

Upcoming changes:

  • The RangeSlider control is currently being rewritten, so expect some breaking changes here.


Dialog system

The dialog system has been overhauled for better extensibility.

The SimpleDialog class now allows to create a custom dialog.

ProgressDialog is a dialog that displays progress (duh!) inspired by Github for Windows. InputDialog works like the MessageDialog but allows the user to input text.

For reference, see PR #785 , #860 and #901 .

Just like modal dialogs, Flyouts can now be made modal by setting the IsModal = true. Thanks @grokys for this feature!

For reference, see PR #824

Themed Flyouts

A Flyout can now have a theme, just like MetroWindow

There are four different theme states, indicated by the FlyoutTheme enum:

  • FlyoutTheme.Adapt: The flyout will use the theme if the host window
  • FlyoutTheme.Inverse: The flyout will use the inverse theme of the host window
  • FlyoutTheme.Dark: Always dark. This is the default value
  • FlyoutTheme.Light: Always use the light theme
  • FlyoutTheme.Accent: Instead of the dark/light theme, use the accent of the host window

This behavior can be set through the Theme property

For reference, see PR #941


Added new Expander control that can can be used to close/open for example a GroupBox Thanks @Icehunter for this feature!

For reference, see PR #834


Implemented a NumericUpDown control, inspired by the Callisto style. Thanks @xxMUROxx for this feature!

New icons

Two new icons have been added to Mahapps.Metro.Resources:

  • appbar_more_horizontal
  • appbar_more_vertical

For reference, see PR #887


Implemented a MetroNavigationWindow. This is the re-implementation of System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationWindow in a Metro-style

For reference, see PR #801

ContentTemplateSelector support for TransitioningContentControl.

You can now provide a ContentTemplateSelector for the TransitioningContentControl.

Added AccentedSquareButton and IdealForegroundColor key

  • Added an AccentedSquareButton. It looks like the SquareButton except that its Background is the current Accent.
  • Added an IdealForegroundColor key to every accent.


  • Removed title parameter from ShowMetroDialogAsync #842

For reference, see PR #846


  • Fixed high GPU usage when the MetroProgressbar is hidden. #812 #817
  • Fixed the window glow not hiding when the window is hidden #839 #843
  • Fixed window not being able to have a greater width than the width of the main screen #874 #917
  • Fixed ShowWindowCommandsOnTop="False" not working for CleanWindowStyle #894 #896
  • Fixed using GlowBrush property enables the resizing of the window #851 #896
  • Fixed the ToggleSwitch’s built-in Top/Left margin #878 #880
  • Fixed ThemeManager’s OnThemeChanged work-around conflicting with other WPF internals #923 #932