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Version 0.11.0 released


Warning: This release has a few breaking changes. A quick overview:

  • ‘Colours’ -> ‘Colors’ For consistency, we’ve chosen to rename all occurendes of ‘Colours’ to ‘Colors’
  • The ‘TransitioningContentControl’ use now an enumeration for ‘Transition’

More details here:

Other things:

  • You can now put all the resource dictionaries in your ‘App.xaml’ file
  • ProgressIndicator is marked as ‘Obsolete’. In future, use ‘MetroProgressbar’ with ‘Indeterminate’ set to ‘true’
  • Like the ProgressIndicator, the Panorama will be removed in future versions. There is a chance that it will be rewritten and reintroduced later on.
  • TextBox, PasswordBox, ComboBox and DatePicker use now the Validation.ErrorTemplate for displaying errors. The default template is ValidationErrorTemplate.
  • The Demo application has been completely rewritten.

Important features

  • Implemented a FlipView control (#472)
  • Added a glow window like Github For Windows (#347)
  • Added a clean styled window (#516)
  • Added message dialogs (#764)
  • Added new accent colors (#681)


  • #399 - GroupBox margin incorrectly applied when floating

Pull Requests

  • #391 - Added disabled VisualState for SwitchToggleButton [@zii-stefan-schweiger]
  • #406 - ToggleSwitchButton: Removed accent border when unchecked [@stefan-schweiger]
  • #407 - GroupBox margin fix [@punker76]
  • #414 - Add a event IsOpenChanged to Flyout [@dairentech]
  • #420 - Fix Window icon is too pixelated [@AleksandarDev]
  • #488 - Adapt the ListViews disabled state to the ListBox disabled state [@flagbug]
  • #604 - Support for smaller ProgressRings [@Cornyfisch]

As the last stable release was 8 months ago, not every feature/fix/PR is listed here.