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Version 1.3.0 released

Features / Changes (and Fixes)

  • Switched from Ms-PL to MIT license #2646
  • New DateTimePicker and TimePicker controls #2299 #2510 (@xxMUROxx)
  • New Hotkey control HotKeyBox #2322 (@thoemmi)
  • New ‘Remember’ CheckBox in LoginDialog #2308 #2305 (@manekovskiy)
  • New IconPacks for MahApps: PackIconMaterial, PackIconModern, PackIconFontAwesome and PackIconEntypo #2328 availabe at MahApps.Metro.IconPacks
    <iconPacks:PackIconMaterial Kind="EmoticonCool" Height="32" Width="32" />
    <iconPacks:PackIconModern Kind="Cupcake" Height="24" Width="24" />
    <iconPacks:PackIconFontAwesome Kind="FontAwesome" Height="16" Width="16" />
    <iconPacks:PackIconEntypo Kind="ThumbsUp" />
  • New Auto Close feature for Flyout #2228 #1710 (@Sikta)
    • Enable this by set IsAutoCloseEnabled to true
    • Time changable by AutoCloseInterval (default 5000 ms)
  • Fix PasswordBoxBindingBehavior and IsWaitingForData #2355
    • Fixed: Behaviors in StylizedBehaviors should be detached on unload
    • Fixed: PasswordBoxBindingBehavior, it doesn’t work e.g. in TabControl TabItems
    • IsWaitingForData for MetroButtonTextBox, MetroPasswordBox, MetroButtonPasswordBox, MetroButtonRevealedPasswordBox
    • PackIconMaterial Eye and ClearTextButton feature for MetroButtonRevealedPasswordBox
  • Added ContentStringFormat TemplateBinding to ToolTip #2359 (@nrpog) #2363
  • ControlsHelper.ButtonWidth for ComboBox and other stuff #2365
    • set ChromelessButtonStyle Padding to 0
    • new dependency property ButtonContentTemplate in TextBoxHelper
    • fix width of ClearText button if height change, e.g. for floating watermark
    • fix background state colors (IsPressed, IsMouseOver)
    • new own sytle MetroComboBoxDropDownToggleButtonStyle for ComboBox toggle button
  • Added EllipseDiameterScale to ProgressRing #2204 #2382 (@petvetbr)
  • WindowButtonCommands enhancements #2378
    • use ContentPresenter to show the WindowButtonCommands, so it’s now possible easier to change the min/max/close button styles
    • enable changing min/max/restore/close button tooltip
    • new Win10 style/template: MahApps.Metro.Styles.WindowButtonCommands.Win10 and MahApps.Metro.Templates.WindowButtonCommands.Win10
  • Minor Automation API support for Flyouts and NumericUpDown #2381 #2166 (@petvetbr)
  • Dialog font sizes setting implementation #2380 #2383 (@petvetbr, @punker76)
    • changable via DialogTitleFontSize and DialogMessageFontSize
  • New attached dependency property TextButton in TextBoxHelper which handles the visibility of the button in MetroButtonPasswordBox and MetroButtonTextBoxstyles #2387
  • Win10 ToggleSwitch and ToggleSwitchButton #2410
    • ToggleSwitch is now inherited from HeaderedContentControl
    • new dependency property HeaderFontFamily for ToggleSwitch
    • new Win10 and Metro styles
      • MahApps.Metro.Styles.ToggleSwitchButton.Win10, MahApps.Metro.Styles.ToggleSwitch.Win10
      • MahApps.Metro.Styles.ToggleSwitchButton, MahApps.Metro.Styles.ToggleSwitch
    • new Win10 font family and size keys
      • ToggleSwitchFontFamily.Win10, ToggleSwitchHeaderFontFamily.Win10
      • ToggleSwitchFontSize.Win10, ToggleSwitchHeaderFontSize.Win10
    • fixed broken IsPressed state
    • new brushes for the Win10 styles
    • new brush and color keys for all accent colors: AccentBaseColor and AccentBaseColorBrush (full color)
  • Flyout changes
    • SetFlyoutOpenAction is now obsolete
    • new/update template names BackButton, BackHeaderText
    • new CloseCommandParameter dependency property
  • FlipView changes
    • MouseOverGlowEnabled is now obsolete, use MouseHoverBorderEnabled instead
    • new MouseHoverBorderBrush and MouseHoverBorderThickness dependency property
  • New dependency property CircularNavigation for the FlipView #2389
  • BindsTwoWayByDefault removed from IsActiveProperty of ProgressRing #2438 (@xxMUROxx)
  • Fix Flyout theme usage in Caliburn.Micro sample
  • New dependency properties for Tile control: HorizontalTitleAlignment and VerticalTitleAlignment #2293
  • New attached dependency properties TextBoxHelper.ButtonFontSize #2345 Also add a new font size ClearTextButtonFontSize (default to 16) for all ‘ClearText’ buttons
  • Added a MetroFlatToggleButton style like MetroFlatButton #2481 (@Koopakiller)
  • New MetroThumbContentControl for MetroWindow title #2487
    • It’s now possible again to have title templates with clickable controls
    • Replaced TitleCaps with TitleCharacterCasing (marked as obsolete). Now title can be Upper, Lower or Normal
    • Add new styles MahApps.Metro.Styles.ContentControlEx and MahApps.Metro.Styles.MetroThumbContentControl
  • Flyout improvement caused by #2485 #2523
    • use ContentControlEx for header, so it’s now possible to use ControlsHelper attached properties ContentCharacterCasing, HeaderFontSize, HeaderFontWeight and HeaderFontStretch
    • new attached property ControlsHelper.HeaderMargin to handle the Margin from Flyout side
  • New dependency property ShowDialogsOverTitleBar for `MetroWindow? which allows showing title bar while showing dialogs (fixes #2109) #2534 (@Deadpikle)
  • Store/Restore focused element methods which will be used automatically with dialogs (but can be also used explicit) #2532
  • Added new methods ShowModalInputExternal, ShowModalLoginExternal and ShowModalMessageExternal. #2518 (@adeniltonbs)
  • New brush keys NonActiveWindowTitleColorBrush and NonActiveBorderColorBrush
  • Add IsNavigationEnabled Property in FlipView #2563 (@yoker)
  • Another SplitButton and DropDownButton fixes #2572
    • change SplitButton to Selector to get access to SelectedValuePath and SelectedValue
    • fixed Popup alignmentand close Popup on button click
    • add ItemsPanel template binding
    • add 2 new dependency properties ArrowMouseOverBrush, ArrowPressedBrush
    • enable Items usage (for SplitButton and DropDownButton)
    • add new dependency properties ContentTemplate, ContentTemplateSelector and ContentStringFormat for DropDownButton, if this proeprties are empty DropDownButton will be use the ItemXYZ properties
    • add protected virtual void SetContextMenuPlacementTarget(ContextMenu contextMenu) to DropDownButton
  • Glow activation/resizing/dpi fixes #2581
    • mouse activation bug if the MetroWindow uses a Glow
    • resizing/cursor bug on higher DPI
    • the glow can come on top if the main app has a second window and the user minimize and restore the main app again
    • the window doesn’t zoom in vertical height if the user double clicks on the top Glow
  • Introduce new styles for circle button and circle toggle button which removes the non removable inner margin.
    • MahApps.Metro.Styles.MetroCircleButtonStyle
    • MahApps.Metro.Styles.MetroCircleToggleButtonStyle
    • MahApps.Metro.Styles.MetroCircleFocusVisual

Closed Issues

  • #2003 “VisualButton” That makes working with the XAML icons easier
  • #2114 Icon color not changing on theme change (as #1029)
  • #2275 Embed Material Design Icons (in addition to Modern UI Icons)?
  • #1710 New “Auto Close” feature for Flyouts
  • #2354 TextBoxHelper.ButtonClicked should pass ButtonCommandParameter to ButtonCommand.CanExecute
  • #2343 Win8MetroPasswordBox Preview does not work with Tabcontrol (item > 1)
  • #2352 Can’t set ComboBox buttons width with ControlsHelper.ButtonWidth
  • #2370 Pasting over selection in NumericUpDown doesn’t work #2371 (@michaelprewecki)
  • #1901 ThemeChanging causing app crash
  • #1439 ComboBox in Toolbar closes if Scrollbar track/button is clicked
  • #1972 Changing Close button icon
  • #2166 Controls Do not get distinct automation ID’s
  • #2204 Progress ring dot scaling seems to be wrong (1.1.2)?
  • #2380 Missing FontSize Property for ProgressDialog/ShowProgressAsync
  • #2385 ButtonCommandMetroTextBox text displaid over icon.
  • #2220 Why in the MetroButtonTextBox the visibility of PART_ClearText is not managed as the MetroTextBox?
  • #2311 ComboBox won’t toggle closed in ribbon
  • #2396 ShowMetroDialogAsync does not raise DialogManager.DialogOpened event.
  • #2402 Window Command ItemSource Binding
  • #2403 NumericUpDown HasDecimals Is Broken. #2404 (@feinstein)
  • #2415 ToggleSwitch “Click” event not triggered #2421
  • #2413 Focusable (Selectable) Text in MessageDialog
  • #2409 MetroWindow can be closed while a modal dialog is shown
  • #2348 Thumb height of slider control
  • #2340 How to change Datagrid Header Background using our custom style and based on MetroColumnHeader?
  • #2390 PasswordBox CapsLockIndicator is not refreshed when host window is inactive
  • #2416 WPF inside WF, Cannot close Flyouts and FlyView doesn’t select
  • #2432 Modal Flyouts Window Not Dragable
  • #2333 FlipView SelectedIndex resetting bug
  • #2214 Is there a way to control the “PART_GlowBorder” thickness in FlipView?
  • #2126 FlipView.HideControlButtons() does not disable arrow keys.
  • #2395 MahApps.Metro resource icons cannot be used repeatedly
  • #2389 Circular FlipView
  • #2056 ToggleButton foreground color when selected
  • #1823 Cannot fully programatically maximize window.
  • #2414 Focus is lost after a dialog is closed
  • #2332 Calendar ignores IsTodayHighlighted property
  • #2420 ShowmessageAsync Cancellation Exception #2454 (@MatthewKinsman)
  • #2293 Align Tile Title
  • #2459 MetroDialogSettings not being propagated to ProgressDialog by DialogManager
  • #2462 Should a click on a MetroTabItems close button really clear the buttons Command and CommandParameter properties?
  • #2345 Can’t edit TextBoxHelper.ClearTextButton properties
  • #2474 right to left DatePicker
  • #2476 MetroWindow OnClosing exception (.Net 4.0)
  • #2339 The Glow border does not follow the window is is used the UseNoneWindowStyle property!
  • #2477 Create a custom Thumb for the title DragMove
  • #2449 Visual bug while using RightWindowCommands
  • #2495 Default for ControlsHelper.HeaderFontSizeProperty should be SystemFonts.MessageFontSize
  • #2479 DefaultButtonFocus Not Working As Expected PR #2505
  • #2514 NumericUpDown UseFloatingWatermark Issue
  • #2485 Hiding close button and title leaves blank space in top-positioned flyouts #2485
  • #2531 Setting TitleFontSize & CountFontSize in Tile is no longer working
  • #2109 Size of MahApps Dialog background..
  • #2538 Focus Message Dialog from flyout
  • #2537 Bad contrast in ProgressDialog’s progress bar
  • #2532 ProgressDialog close causes loss of focus on child control
  • #2486 DateTimePicker right click menu appearance
  • #2524 DatePicker and DateTimePicker UseFloatingWatermark don’t work
  • #2269 Make Controls:TextBoxHelper.UseFloatingWatermark=”True” work for DatePicker
  • #2525 System.Windows.Media.Animation.DoubleAnimation’ cannot use default origin value of ‘Infinity
  • #2552 How to hide flyout title
  • #2556 Interact with DialogController from Background Thread (@xxMUROxx)
  • #2473 Cannot use DialogCoordinator from background threads.
  • #2551 Feature Request: NonActiveWindowTitleColorBrush
  • #2542 NumericUpDown SelectAllOnFocus doesn’t work
  • #2148 MetroProgressBar orientation does not work (@petvetbr) #2379
  • #2492 MetroProgressBar / IsIndeterminate / Animation Warning 6
  • #2504 DataGrid causes lag when switching content PR #2570
  • #2374 SplitButton: Add SelectedValuePath and SelectedValue property
  • #2540 Popup in SplitButton is aligned wrong
  • #2457 Splitbutton Popup doesn’t close
  • #2215 SplitButton does not respect GroupStyle
  • #2185 SplitButton IsPressed trigger won’t change Foreground
  • #2360 SplitButton Items
  • #2078 Fill DropDownButton items without Binding
  • #2051 DropDownButton and SplitButton doesn’t works
  • #2224 DropDownButton uses ItemTemplate template binding twice
  • #2569 DropDownButton popup placement
  • #2574 SplitButton Popup Doesn’t Close After Alt+Tab (@Deadpikle) #2621
  • #2498 Vertical space for Title still being taken up even though Title is blank
  • #2577 Window Resizing Erroneously Acts Deferred
  • #2279 Corner resize issues with GlowBrush enabled
  • #2591 Weird MetroProgressBar animation with IsIndeterminate=true
  • #1191 Missing style for RepeatButton
  • #2584 ComboBox UseFloatingWatermark Issue
  • #2598 DatePickerTextBoxBehavior NullReferenceException
  • #2611 SliderHelper.EnableMouseWheel is working only once when using TabControl
  • #2618 IgnoreTaskbarOnMaximize stopped working after windows 10 anniversary update. (@igorushi, @punker76)
  • #2635 Showing any Window before Main Window causes Left and Right window commands not work properly.
  • #2656 Flyout problem with ActualWidth

Version 1.2.4 released


  • #2288 First 30 units of flyout aren’t clickable
  • #2324 DataGrid activated by Titlebar (rows are hovered while dragging a window over a DataGrid)
  • #2287 IsWindowDraggable broke starting in 1.2

Version 1.2.3 released


  • #2320 Fixed window can’t be moved around using a touch screen

Version 1.2.2 released


  • Fixed strong sign assembly stuff

Version 1.2.1 released


  • Fixed hidden focus for TextBox control (and other input controls) #2296 #2304
  • Fixed not working TextBoxHelper.SelectAllOnFocus="True" #2307 (@sachokFoX)

Version 1.2.0 released

Features / Changes

  • The Glow (window) should not be clickable #1829
  • Add a tooltip text converter to RangeSlider for lower and upper value tooltip #1833 (@Alkalinee)
  • Changable Margin of ContentPresenter in MetroListBoxItem #1892 (@ye4241)
  • LoginDialog Password preview feature #1873 #1546 (@bitbeans, @djengineerllc)
  • WaitUntilUnloadedAsync for custom dialogs #1910 #1910 (@IsNull)
  • New Culture dependency property for NumericUpDown #1874 (@panastas91)
  • WindowCommands height span now the entire height of the title bar #1902 (@Dotnetifier)
  • Add support for initial password in login dialog #1915 (@Stoom)
  • The FontSize in Dialogs is now changeable #1941
  • Add mechanism for easy access of a dialog from a view model #1943 (@ButchersBoy)
    • Use attached property in Window XAML: Dialog:DialogParticipation.Register="{Binding}"
    • And then IDialogCoordinator / DialogCoordinator.Instance to launch dialogs from inside a VM
    • See:
  • ToggleSwitch improvements and fixes #1945
    • new dependency property ToggleSwitchButtonStyle and style key MetroToggleSwitchButton
    • BorderThickness and BorderBrush for toggle button style now customizable
    • new font keys
      • ToggleSwitchFontFamily and ToggleSwitchHeaderFontFamily
      • ToggleSwitchFontSizeand ToggleSwitchHeaderFontSize
    • new dependency properties to change brushes
      • OnSwitchBrush and OffSwitchBrush
      • ThumbIndicatorBrush and ThumbIndicatorDisabledBrush
    • new dependency property ThumbIndicatorWidth
    • Validation.ErrorTemplate support #1917
    • Keyboard focus if the ToggleSwitch itself or the toggle button was clicked
    • Fixed on/off label binding issue #1867
    • introduce commands for mvvm usage #1464
      • CheckChangedCommand, CheckedCommand and UnCheckedCommand
      • CheckChangedCommandParameter, CheckedCommandParameter and UnCheckedCommandParameter
  • New ComboBoxHelper attached properties MaxLength and CharacterCasing #1949 #1948
  • DropDownButton improvements #1952 #1574
    • new ButtonStyle dependency property and new style key ButtonDropDownStyle for the default
    • new ArrowBrush and ArrowVisibility dependency properties
    • fix alignement and margins, better focus handling
    • new MenuStyle dependency property
    • new IconTemplate dependency property
  • Watermark on ComboBox where IsEditable="False" #1958 #1953
  • New SelectAllOnFocus dependency property for NumericUpDown (with default to true like ComboBox does)
  • Possiblity to define the width of the NumericUpDown up and down buttons #1962 (@Prophetebe)
  • SplitButton improvements #1977
    • new ButtonStyle, ButtonArrowStyle dependency properties and new style keys ButtonSplitStyle, ButtonSplitArrowStyle
    • new ArrowBrush and ArrowVisibility dependency properties
    • fix alignement and margins, better focus handling
    • new ListBoxStyle dependency property
    • new IconTemplate dependency property
  • Set AssemblyCompany to MahApps #1985 (@DaCheeseMan)
  • Expander improvements #1988
    • Styling fixes (margin, padding, border thickness)
    • new ExpanderHelper with
      • 4 new attached dependency properties HeaderUpStyle, HeaderDownStyle and HeaderLeftStyle, HeaderRightStyle. So it’s now possible to create your own header toggle styles without rewriting the Expander style.
    • Better handling with BorderThickness property, the Expander uses now the new value converter ThicknessBindingConverter, so setting the BorderThickness is much better than before.
    • Click on Expander header support #1291 (just do the default expander behavior)
    • For GroupBox
      • Styling fixes (margin, padding, border thickness)
      • Better handling with BorderThickness property.
  • Support for multiple dialogs #1974
  • Improved DataGrid row and cell color styling #2004
  • New attached dependency property DisabledVisualElementVisibility for TextBox, PasswordBox, RichTextBox and NumericUpDown, this makes it easier to hide this element if we don’t want/need it in special cases (inside other controls or using in a DataGrid).
  • Add Minimum, Maximum properties to ProgressDialogController #2013 #1702
  • New ButtonsAlignment (attached) property to have possibility to set NumericUpDown (TextBox) buttons on the left side #2024 (@QuantumDeveloper)
  • Support for CancellationToken to cancel dialogs #2022 #2018 (@thoemmi)
  • Changed default value of ProgressRing.IsActive to true #2029
  • MetroDialogs fixes and changes #2032 #1149
    • DialogSettings property is now public
    • New property CustomResourceDictionary for DialogSettings
    • New virtual method OnLoaded
  • TreeView style enhancements #2041
    • fix some styling issues and enable virtualization
    • introduce VirtualisedMetroTreeView
  • SelectAllOnFocus for input and login dialogs #1750
  • New MetroValidationPopup style and new CloseOnMouseLeftButtonDown dependency property #2058 #1469
  • Progress bar in ProgressDialog is not set to Indetermined by default anymore, must be set explicitly by calling ProgressDialogController.SetIndeterminate() #2097
  • Added Closed event to ProgressDialogController #2097
  • Catch ConfigurationErrorsException if the user.config file is corrupt #2112 (@Remolutionary)
  • Only apply SizeToContent workaround when necessary #2116 (@tgjones)
  • Canceled event (and IsCanceled property) for ProgressDialogController #2150 (@bigworld12)
  • New attached property Controls:ControlsHelper.ContentCharacterCasing for ContentControl, DropDownButton and in the future for WindowCommands
    • Fixes #1701: DropdownButton with all UpperCase label
    • Remove PreserveTextCase attached property from ControlsHelper (it was introduced in alpha version)
    • Mark ButtonHelper PreserveTextCase attached property as obsolete
    • Use ContentCharacterCasing for MetroDataGridColumnHeader and MetroGridViewColumnHeader too
  • Dynamic theme for window commands #2152 (@crumbl3d)
    • Fixed WindowCommandsItem visibility #2175
  • StatusBar’s background color now matches the title bar #2173 #2174 (@thoemmi)
  • Change Slidervalue on MouseWheel event. #2171 (@xxMUROxx)
  • New MetroThumb in order to be better in Touch environment #1853 (@ycaoyang)
  • NumericUpDown with Integer only option #2065 (@feinstein)
  • CornerRadius for ComboBox #2207
  • Font related dependency properties for DataGridNumericUpDownColumn #2205
    • FontFamily, FontSize, FontStyle, FontWeight
    • Foreground, which will override the DataCell foreground inheritence
  • New ContentControlEx to reduce some boilerplate XAML code
    • Used for all possible ContentCharacterCasing usage (Button, GroupBox, Expander, ListView columns, DataGrid columns, DropDownButton, SplitButton, WindowCommands, TabItem)
  • Copy command for the message text in MessageDialog #2223 (@akinyooa)
  • New option to hide username on LoginDialog #2230 (@mgnslndh)
  • Use a Thumb for Window DragMove #2226
  • ComboBox style respects textbox helper button content property #2264 (@ButchersBoy)
  • Show Tile as disabled #2263 #2262 (@xxMUROxx)
  • New dependency property CloseButtonIsCancel for Flyout close button #2256 (@BlythMeister)
  • New property DefaultButtonFocus for default focused button in MessageDialog #2265 (@BlythMeister)
  • UseFloatingWatermark for NumericUpDown #2202 #2245 (@xxMUROxx)
  • Set Opacity to .55 if SplitButton /DropDownButton is disabled #2272 (@p76984275)


  • Fixed resizing cursors #1830
  • Fixed external dialog flickering #1845 #1859
  • Fixed a MetroProgressBar performance issue #1855 #1860 (@zandrei007)
  • Fixed Win32Exception Invalid window handle thrown when IgnoreTaskbarOnMaximize bound to a true value #1880 #1883
  • Fixed flickering glow window borders (on resizing) #1864
  • Fixed exception in Visual Studio Designer with CustomDialog #1850 (@marcpiechura)
  • Fixed NumericUpDown IsReadonly issue #1840 (@xxMUROxx)
  • Fixed ThemeManager issue if resource source case in App.xaml does not match #1759 (@sickboy)
  • Fixed validation popup location flicker #1925 #1922
  • Fixed fullscreen using window FlowDirection="RightToLeft" #1927 #1924
  • Fixed possible System.NullReferenceException for HandleTheme in BaseMetroDialog #1933 #1931
  • Fixed blurred arrows in TreeView #1934 #1907
  • Fixed ResizeGrip usage by setting the WindowChrome ResizeGripDirection #1937 #1832
  • Fixed wrong overlapping window button commands with ShowInTaskbar=False #1940 #1912
  • Fixed IsReadOnly usage/binding for NumericUpDown (and TextBox…) #1942 #1914
  • Fixed ToggleSwitch validation shows red border but doesn’t show error text #1917 #1945
  • Fixed MVVM Binding for OnLabel/OffLabel at ToggleSwitch #1867 #1945
  • Fixed focus problem with NumericUpDown #1903 #1959
  • Fixed JIT Compiler encountered an internal limitation #1919 #1971
  • Fixed access keys in CheckBox, RadioButton, and GroupBox #1979
  • Fixed close Message dialog when pressing Enter or Esc #1976 #1980
  • Fixed creating a Task instance doesn’t execute it #1997 (@thoemmi)
  • Fixed possible System.OverflowException with IntPtr.ToInt32() on Win 8 or Win Server 2012 #1993 #1996
  • Fixed show/hide overlay only when first dialog is shown or last dialog was closed #1998
  • Fixed NumericUpDown for runtime changes to StringFormat and Culture properties #2001
  • Fixed DataGrid row conditional foreground #1939 (@spaccabit)
  • Fixed overriding DataGridRow style (e.g. row selection) #1876, #1492, #1243, #809
  • Fixed DataGridNumericUpDownColumn styling #1878
  • Fixed missing DataGridRow validation #1930
  • Fixed System.Windows.Media.Animation warnings with MetroProgressBar #2012
  • Fixed an issue with RangeSlider with binding and values between ticks #2006 (@drayde)
  • Fixed ScrollBarHelper.VerticalScrollBarOnLeftSide usage #2025
  • Fixed not updating Pivot’s header selected item when modify the Selected-Pivot-Item by code #2010 (@ycaoyang)
  • Fixed ProgressDialog cannot find the AccentColorBrush resources #1149
  • Fixed using TextBoxHelper.ClearTextButton on a NumericUpDown won’t rise its value changed event #2031
  • Fixed MetroCircleToggleButtonStyle BorderBrush not using TemplateBinding #1573
  • Fixed databound TreeViewItem does not respond to changes when inside MahApps window. #2038
  • Fixed TreeView usage with large data #1896 #2041
  • Fixed ValidationError popup shows only first char of the error string #1926
  • Fixed usage of TextmarkHelper.Watermark with Caliburn.Micro #1059
  • Fixed not changable background color of a checkbox or radio button #1906
  • Fixed Padding usage for MetroTabItem: How to increase the spacing between Tab Items? #2074
  • Fixed obj ref null exception if there is no Window Theme at runtime. #2087 (@ButchersBoy)
  • Fixed border for tiles #2063 (@bigworld12)
  • Fixed ReadOnly, TabIndex, TabStop and manually input stuff for NumericUpDown #1818
  • Fixed Watermark/Text Alignment of DatePicker and NumericUpDown controls #1683
  • Fixed missing Glow border corners #2143 #2118
  • Fixed incorrect restore location after Aero Snap #2144 (@tgjones)
  • Removed unneeded MessageDialogStyle param from IDialogCoordinator.ShowLoginAsync method #2146 (@acejordin)
  • Fixed RangeSlider memory leak #2064
  • Fixed closing a MetroTabItem added from a child #1278
  • Fixed nasty bug when using OverrideDefaultWindowCommandsBrush #2086
  • Fixed ProgressBar ignoring ‘IsIndeterminate’ value #2180 #2184
  • Fixed WindowCommands.ShowSeparators="False" is ignored #2188 #2195
  • Fixed missing ContentCharacterCasing for ToggleButton #2197
  • Fixed ComboBox watermark padding issue with IsEditable states #2210
  • Fixed missing ContentCharacterCasing for TabItem #2209
  • Fixed style inheritence of MetroAnimatedTabControl style #2219
  • Fixed NumericUpDown culture problem #2149 #2199 (@fredericoregateiro)
  • Fixed floating watermarks #2236 #2225 (@Dotnetifier)
  • Fixed not draggable Window when Flyout is open #1821 #1635 #2226
  • Fixed AvalonDock anchorables could not be dragged inside MetroWindow #2036 #2226
  • Fixed System menu present everywhere when fullscreen is toggled on #1849
  • Fixed not possible to format NumericUpDown value as hexidecimal #1375 #2245 (@xxMUROxx)
  • Fixed NumericUpDown when setting maximum in code behind #1885 #2245 (@xxMUROxx)

Version 1.1.2 released


This is a bug fix release of MahApps.Metro.

Bugfixes / Changes

  • Added alignment properties for MetroDataGridRowHeader style #1819
  • Fixed Gripper for MetroDataGridRowHeader style #1822
  • Fixed runtime change of IgnoreTaskbarOnMaximize with a maximized window (there was a bug with the frame) #1823 (39a7e05)
  • Fixed upgrading the WindowPlacementSettings on version change #1787 #1736 (ada352b)
  • Fixed a painting issue of the entire window and the maximize action (5ae97f9)
  • Fixed another Topmost bug: Window is going behind other windows on program start #1251 (6b0a8fa)
  • Fixed brief flashing window when launched (e.g. from the explorer) #1781 (4b42fe0)

Version 1.1.1 released


This is a bug fix release of MahApps.Metro.


  • Fixed non working ShowIconOnTitleBar property if it is changed by XAML or in code behind #1817 (1e2c54e)
  • Fixed default value for UpgradeSettings (IWindowPlacementSettings) (509bd77)

Version 1.1.0 released


This is a bug fix and fetaure release of MahApps.Metro.


  • It’s now possible to get an opened dialog from a MetroWindow #1739
  • Allow the user to disable the window dragging #1669
  • Dialogs can now use the ColorScheme = MetroDialogColorScheme.Inverted
  • Add MouseOverGlowEnabled to FlipView
  • Back/Forward Buttons now enabled/disabled instead visible/or not
  • AreAnimationsEnabled property for Flyout to show the Flyout directly or with animation
  • MaximumBodyHeight for MetroDialogSettings, so we can get a ScrollViewer for tall dialog content
  • IsMinButtonEnabled, IsMaxRestoreButtonEnabled and IsCloseButtonEnabled to enable/disable the window buttons at WindowButtonCommands @romerod #1562
  • IdealForegroundDisabledBrush to set the foreground for disabled window buttons at WindowButtonCommands #1581
  • MetroWindow animates now on minimize/maximize/restore window action (limited by ignoring the taskbar) #1756
  • It’s now possible to put the MahApps styles only in a window and the main app will remain unaffected (all buttons and commands will be styled as good as well.) #1777
  • The underline position is based on TabstripPlacement property of TabControl. (ControlsHelper.IsUnderlined) #1737 #1478
  • It’s now possible to upgrade the WindowPlacementSettings on version change (minor breaking change) #1787 #1736
  • New property ShowSeparators for WindowCommands, so it’s possible to hide the WindowCommands seperators
  • MetroTabItem now supports the TabControlHelper.IsUnderlined attached property #1795 #1796
  • Flyout focus enhancement #1805
    It’s now possible to set FocusedElement and AllowFocusElement to enable focusing mechanism
    • If AllowFocusElement is set to True the Flyout tries to focus the first focusable element, if there is no focusable element, it tries to focus an element in the header section.
    • If FocusedElement is set the Flyout focus this element.
  • Better default CapsLock icon for PasswordBox SHA
  • Add a callback for ShowIconOnTitleBar #1810, so we can hide the icon e.g. after window is loaded #1688
  • New CornerRadiuis property for MetroButton and ToggleButton style SHA, SHA, SHA


  • Simplify styles (backwards-compatible changes and fixes, e.g. disabled style) for PasswordBox, TextBox, DatePicker, CheckBox, RadioButton, SquareButton, MetroButton, ToggleButton, ComboBox, ComboBoxItem
  • Use IdealForegroundColor for AccentSelectedColorBrush (for better results in ListBox, ListView, DataGrid and ComboBox)


  • Fixed maximize button path only displays partially when using SaveWindowPosition #1580 #1693
  • Fixed background of ComboBox #1713
  • Use UseLayoutRounding for MetroWindow for better pixel stuff SHA
  • Fixed ideal foreground for some color styles #1748
  • Fixed disabled window buttons foreground (and add IdealForegroundDisabledBrush to handle this) #1581
  • Fixed wrong max/restore button tool tip when maximized SHA
  • Fixed wrong window size while moving maximized window between monitors #1275
  • Fixed the cursor of the button in the ProgressDialog #1763
  • Fixed text wrapping for MessageDialog Message #1776 #1766
  • Fixed missing behavior when toggle UseNoneWindowStyle SHA
  • Fixed foreground color of WindowComands and WindowButtonCommands #1788 #1503
  • Fixed PasswordBox with ClearTextButton doesnt show the button #1718
  • Fixed wrong text for buttons in dialogs (it’s now preserve by default) #1793 #1755
  • Fixed usage of ClearTextButton: Subscribe to clear button even if control is already loaded. #1764 #1797
  • Fixed SplitButton SelectedIndex and SelectedItem (binds now two way by default) #1798
  • Fixed losing Window shadow [EnableDWMDropShadow] #1791 #1799
  • Fixed alignment of decrement button on vertical scrollbars #1800
  • Fixed non working button click action with TextboxHelper.ClearTextButton="True" after visibilty change #1268 #1809
  • Fixed CaretBrush after theme changed for PasswordBox SHA and DatePicker SHA
  • Fixed disabled ComboBox style (looks now like other controls) SHA
  • Fixed disabled DatePicker style and wrong showing watermark SHA
  • Fixed wrong WindowPlacement saving with Border snaps #1811 #1814
  • Fixed color disappearing for DataGrid selection #1728 #1816
  • Fixed FocusVisualStyle in Flyouts (surround Flyout content with AdornerDecorator) SHA

Version 1.0.0 released


This is the first stable release of MahApps.Metro.

We removed everything marked as obsolete and made some API changes, but from now on MahApps.Metro follows Semantic Versioning, at least API wise. Please note that minor visual changes can still occur if there’s a need for them.

A migration guide for the breaking changes is available here:


  • Added a StatusBar and StatusBarItem style #1558
  • Added the TitleVisibility and CloseButtonVisibility properties to the flyouts to control the visibility of the header.
  • Added the ButtonHelper.PreserveTextCase attached property to control the automatic upper and lower casing of certain buttons. #1622
  • If an .ico file contains multiple icon sizes, MetroWindow now automatically selects the optimal icon size. #1242 #1628
  • ShowMetroDialogAsync now accepts MetroDialogSettings as argument so custom dialogs derived from the CustomDialog class can have a fade-in and fade-out animation
  • The ToggleSwitch control can now be dragged with the mouse to change the enabled state #1652 #1595
  • The CleanWindow’s close button now has a red background when hovering with the mouse.


  • The IsOpenChangedEvent of the Flyout control is now a routed event
  • The animation of the Flyout control matches the Windows 8 flyout behavior more closely #1460
  • Changed the event names of the ‘NumericUpDown’ control control #1518
  • Split up the ControlsHelper class into multiple more granular helper classes #1520 #1582
  • SimpleDialog has been renamed to CustomDialog #1613
  • BaseMetroDialog now inherits from ContentControl instead of Control. The DialogBody property has effectively been replaced by the Content property. #1615
  • All elements in the titlebar now use the IdealForegroundBrush for a better contrast to the accent color. #1611
  • The text in dialog buttons isn’t lowercase by default anymore.
  • Eliminated the need to pass the owning BaseMetroTabControl to MetroTabItem #1624
  • TextBoxHelper is now written with an uppercase B to match TextBox.


  • Fixed the TabItem close button requiring MahApps.Metro.Resources #1524
  • Fixed the ClearType partially not working #1537
  • Fixed flyouts closing when clicking on a formatting element #1487 #1508
  • Fixed potential deadlocks when unloading the AppDomain #1584
  • Fixed bad Combobox behaviour (Popup dropdown height) with new items #1521
  • Fixed not showing window commands and buttons if a flyout is open by default #1627
  • Fixed closing a tab doesn’t work under specific circumstances #1639
  • Fixed the ToggleSwitch control not respecting the height and width properties. #1652 #1466
  • Fixed MetroProgressBar System.Windows.Media.Animation Warning 6 #1664
  • Fixed opening animation of dynamically created flyouts #1665 #1655
  • Fixed WindowSettings SaveWindowPosition saves to position 0,0 if window not shown #1671 #1672
  • Fixed memory leak and exception with dynamically created Flyouts (mostly happens with Caliburn) #1681
  • Fixed the focus border not showing up for message dialog buttons #1679 #1684
  • Fixed the automatic focus for dialogs #1679 #1684
  • Fixed blurry contextmenu/menu and menu items #1674 #1685

Version 0.14.0 released


We’re nearly ready to release version 1.0 of MahApps.Metro, so this may be the last unstable release.

There are no known breaking changes in this release, but we had to deprecate some things, particularly around the titlebar overlay behavior.

Please note that everything that is know deprecated will be removed in the 1.0 release, so you should prepare your applications soon.

Since we’re following semantic versioning, we promise to not break anything from version 1.0 to 2.0.


MetroWindow now indicates whether it’s active or not

The MetroWindow now has the NonActiveWindowTitleBrush property that sets the window brush for an inactive window.

See PR #1320

Fine grained control over the titlebar element overlay behavior

The overlay behavior of the elements of the window titlebar can now be controlled individually.

There are is now an enum with four values: - Never - OverlayFlyout - OverlayHiddenTitleBar - Always

For more info, see PR #1427.

Underlined TabControl

Added the attached property ControlsHelper.IsUnderlined="True" for the TabControl control that adds an underline.

See PR #1425 for reference.

Custom ScrollBar width and height

The default ScrollBar width and height can now be set manually.

See PR #1387for more infos.

Direct FlatButton style

Previously you had to include the FlatButton resource dictionary to add a FlatButton. Now you can just set it at style of a button.

MetroWindow icon EdgeMode

It is now possible to set the EdgeMode of the window icon.


  • The DropDownButton now works less like a SplitButton #1442 #1459
  • Made a disabled Textbox, RichTextbox and PasswordBox a bit more visible #1410 #1420


  • Don’t focus window titlebar elements #1472 #1475
  • Fixed selection with SelectionUnit=CellOrRowHeader #1452
  • Fixed treeview style to allow custom styling #1444 #1450
  • Fixed the Flyoutcontrol opening again when clicking on a control under the overlay #1411 #1428
  • Better coloring for blackout days #1133 #1426
  • Fixed the MetroWindow GlowBrush remaining visible when hiding window #1422 #1403 #1424
  • Enable text wrapping in ToggleSwitch Header #1415
  • TextboxHelper.Watermark should respect padding #1247
  • Fixed a blurry border on the MetroButton and MetroToggleButton style
  • Fix the ComboBox `CanContentScroll usage
  • Fixed the ComboBoxvirtualization #1132 #1394
  • Fixed DataGrid cell padding not being applied #977 #1393
  • Fixed various DataGrid issues #1381
  • Fixed a Flyout problem with width bound to ancestors ActualWidth

There are some more fixes, for a detailed list look into the commit log.

Version 0.13.1 released


  • Fixed an issue with the accent color in dialogs #1270 #1277
  • The .NET 4.5 assembly in the previous release wasn’t signed

Version 0.13.0 released


The 0.13 release of MahApps.Metro marks a very important change in the MetroWindow infrastructure along with several other fixes and improvements.

We’ve also updated the MahApps.Metro.Resources NuGet package with the latest icons.


Custom themes

MahApps.Metro now allows to define custom themes for the application. We’ve rewritten the ThemeManager for this (don’t worry, your old code should still work, but most old methods are now marked as Obsolete)

To add a theme, use the new AddAppTheme theme method.

Completely rewritten BorderlessWindowBehavior

The BorderlessWindowBehavior has been completely rewritten, to fix a number of issues that have accumulated over time.

For a complete list of fixes, see PR #1156

Auto-closing flyouts

Flyouts now have an option to be automatically closed when the user clicks outside of the flyout. We renamed the property IsPinnable (that had no use) to IsPinned for this. IsPinned is true by default and, if set to false, enables the auto-closing feature.


The RangeSlider control has been completely rewritten because it was unusably broken before.

See PR #1055 for more info.

Titlebar enhancements

  • The titlebar now supports vector icons
  • Added LeftWindowCommands This means that the normal WindowCommands property is now obsolete and is called RightWindowCommands
  • The minimize/maximize/close button can now be styled
  • Added ShowWindowCommandsOnTop property for window buttons #1098 (thanks @100GPing100)


  • Added properties to change the font size of a tile #864 #1013
  • Added support for ToggleButtons in the window commands #954
  • Replace existing RangeSlider by new RangeSlider - #885 - see PR #920 / #1055
  • Flyouts’ IsPinnable property doesn’t seem to do anything - #866 - #1000
  • Tile Font size - #864 -> #1013 (@100GPing100)
  • Update FlatSlider.xaml #858 (thanks @HansHuang)
  • Auto-close flyout #962 - #1000 (thanks @100GPing100)
  • Added the border to the visual studio styles. - #904 ( @punker76 ) PR #1140
  • Added ButtonCommandMetroPasswordBox ( @punker76 ) #993 PR #1097
  • Independently control dialog show/hide animation #1168 (@Savvkin)
  • The expander control now has a disabled look #1266 #1267


  • Fixed the external dialog not being cleaned up propely and crahsing the next dialog #994 #996
  • Fixed various MetroWindow issues with multiple monitors #1099 #1136
  • Fixed an OverflowException in the clean window #897
  • Fixed issues with the airspace decorator #1077 #961
  • Support TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Display" #889
  • Removed the unintended FocusVisualStyle from the window command buttons #833 #1012
  • Fixed an OverflowException that could occur with multiple monitors #624 #1014
  • Fixed various issues with the glow border #933 #936
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException occuring if a dialog was opened after an external dialog #994 #996
  • Fixed the FlatSlider ignoring custom dimensions #858
  • Fixed an InvalidOperationException occuring in the GlowWindow #1044
  • Fixed various issues with the dialogs #1050
  • Fixed a warning in the flyout’s style #955
  • Fixed MetroProgressBar and ProgressRing issue Perfomance GPU” #812
  • Fixed FlipView HideBanner uses height, which is often NaN, should probably be ActualHeight instead #1053
  • Fixed the Tile static constructor. #1131 (thanks @maw136)
  • Fixed after an upgrade to 0.11, title bar icon would have silver background instead of blue (accent). - #922
  • Fixed GroupBox issue on flyout with the theme set to accent #1067 PR #1126 (thanks @Tide)

New website URL

From now on, the Mahapps.Metro documentation site lives at, instead of

This means less typing for everyone!

The old links should still work and redirect to the top level domain.

Version 0.12.1 released


This is a bugfix release. It will most likely be the only bugfix release till v0.13.


  • Fixed various bugs with the themed Flyouts (#947 #949):
    • A dark Flyout doesn’t have dark window commands anymore
    • Only the topmost Flyout changes the WindowCommands, if it is closed, the WindowCommands adapt to the underlying Flyout
    • Theme changes are respected properly
  • Flyouts respect the template margin #867 #974
  • Fixed an OverflowException in the CleanWindowStyle #897 #903
  • Fixed various bugs for the NumericUpDown control: #952 #953
    • Fix for NumericUpDown exception raised when trying to enter a number in scientific notation
    • Fixed a problem with too early speedup
  • Improved the performance for theme changes, they should now work instantly.
  • Fixed an issue with the WindowCommands of a CleanWindow, they were white and therefore invisible when a BorderlessWindowBehavior was attached.

Version 0.12.0 released


After only 2 months and nearly 300 commits, this is one of the feature-richest releases we’ve ever done.

This release, again, contains some breaking changes. We try to break things now rather than later, when we release version 1.0 (which is hopefully soon).

A quick overview:

  • ProgressIndicator is now removed, as it wasn’t working as expected. Use MetroProgressBar with IsIndeterminate = True instead, which should give a much smoother experience.
  • Like ProgressIndicator, MetroImage has been removed because it was broken. A better alternative is to use a simple Rectangle, as described here
  • For the same reasons, the Panorama control has been removed. While we have no drop-in replacement for this control, if you really want it back, you can always submit a pull request with a better Panorama, but beware, it most likely needs a serious rewrite.

Upcoming changes:

  • The RangeSlider control is currently being rewritten, so expect some breaking changes here.


Dialog system

The dialog system has been overhauled for better extensibility.

The SimpleDialog class now allows to create a custom dialog.

ProgressDialog is a dialog that displays progress (duh!) inspired by Github for Windows. InputDialog works like the MessageDialog but allows the user to input text.

For reference, see PR #785 , #860 and #901 .

Just like modal dialogs, Flyouts can now be made modal by setting the IsModal = true. Thanks @grokys for this feature!

For reference, see PR #824

Themed Flyouts

A Flyout can now have a theme, just like MetroWindow

There are four different theme states, indicated by the FlyoutTheme enum:

  • FlyoutTheme.Adapt: The flyout will use the theme if the host window
  • FlyoutTheme.Inverse: The flyout will use the inverse theme of the host window
  • FlyoutTheme.Dark: Always dark. This is the default value
  • FlyoutTheme.Light: Always use the light theme
  • FlyoutTheme.Accent: Instead of the dark/light theme, use the accent of the host window

This behavior can be set through the Theme property

For reference, see PR #941


Added new Expander control that can can be used to close/open for example a GroupBox Thanks @Icehunter for this feature!

For reference, see PR #834


Implemented a NumericUpDown control, inspired by the Callisto style. Thanks @xxMUROxx for this feature!

New icons

Two new icons have been added to Mahapps.Metro.Resources: - appbar_more_horizontal - appbar_more_vertical

For reference, see PR #887


Implemented a MetroNavigationWindow. This is the re-implementation of System.Windows.Navigation.NavigationWindow in a Metro-style

For reference, see PR #801

ContentTemplateSelector support for TransitioningContentControl.

You can now provide a ContentTemplateSelector for the TransitioningContentControl.

Added AccentedSquareButton and IdealForegroundColor key

  • Added an AccentedSquareButton. It looks like the SquareButton except that its Background is the current Accent.
  • Added an IdealForegroundColor key to every accent.


  • Removed title parameter from ShowMetroDialogAsync #842

For reference, see PR #846 # Fixes

  • Fixed high GPU usage when the MetroProgressbar is hidden. #812 #817
  • Fixed the window glow not hiding when the window is hidden #839 #843
  • Fixed window not being able to have a greater width than the width of the main screen #874 #917
  • Fixed ShowWindowCommandsOnTop="False" not working for CleanWindowStyle #894 #896
  • Fixed using GlowBrush property enables the resizing of the window #851 #896
  • Fixed the ToggleSwitch’s built-in Top/Left margin #878 #880
  • Fixed ThemeManager’s OnThemeChanged work-around conflicting with other WPF internals #923 #932

Version 0.11.0 released


Warning: This release has a few breaking changes. A quick overview:

  • ‘Colours’ -> ‘Colors’ For consistency, we’ve chosen to rename all occurendes of ‘Colours’ to ‘Colors’
  • The ‘TransitioningContentControl’ use now an enumeration for ‘Transition’

More details here:

Other things:

  • You can now put all the resource dictionaries in your ‘App.xaml’ file
  • ProgressIndicator is marked as ‘Obsolete’. In future, use ‘MetroProgressbar’ with ‘Indeterminate’ set to ‘true’
  • Like the ProgressIndicator, the Panorama will be removed in future versions. There is a chance that it will be rewritten and reintroduced later on.
  • TextBox, PasswordBox, ComboBox and DatePicker use now the Validation.ErrorTemplate for displaying errors. The default template is ValidationErrorTemplate.
  • The Demo application has been completely rewritten.

Important features

  • Implemented a FlipView control (#472)
  • Added a glow window like Github For Windows (#347)
  • Added a clean styled window (#516)
  • Added message dialogs (#764)
  • Added new accent colors (#681)


  • #399 - GroupBox margin incorrectly applied when floating

Pull Requests

  • #391 - Added disabled VisualState for SwitchToggleButton [@zii-stefan-schweiger]
  • #406 - ToggleSwitchButton: Removed accent border when unchecked [@stefan-schweiger]
  • #407 - GroupBox margin fix [@punker76]
  • #414 - Add a event IsOpenChanged to Flyout [@dairentech]
  • #420 - Fix Window icon is too pixelated [@AleksandarDev]
  • #488 - Adapt the ListViews disabled state to the ListBox disabled state [@flagbug]
  • #604 - Support for smaller ProgressRings [@Cornyfisch]

As the last stable release was 8 months ago, not every feature/fix/PR is listed here.

Version 0.10.1 released

Thanks to all who have contributed fixes for this release, and hopefully now we can do shorter releases so that fixes and new features get to users more quickly!


  • #215 - slider with orientation=”Vertical” doesn’t work
  • #244 - Panaroma Problem? button inside not working well
  • #253 - ToggleSwitch doesn’t change between IsEnabled states
  • #269 - Tile not shrinking towards center?
  • #280 - Textbox corner rectangle color
  • #294 - Issue #259 fix was undone in 8eda48129a
  • #311 - Controls.xaml breaks keyboard accelerator
  • #318 - Right Positioned Flyouts Do Not Show Close Arrow
  • #332 - Flyout
  • #356 - Wrong Size Calculation Of Grid In Flyout
  • #368 - Add ToggleSwitch Focus keyboard action
  • #384 - WPF .Net 4.5 App - MahApps looking for System.Windows.Interactivity 4.0

Pull Requests

  • #259 - Fixed titlebar behavior [@zii-dmg]
  • #273 - some style changes/bug fixes [@punker76]
  • #279 - Fixed the dotted focus border that shows up on the MetroWindow [@blooksa]
  • #295 - Hidden flyout resize fix [@lukaspj]
  • #297 - Add support for regular menu’s [@chandramouleswaran]
  • #301 - Fixes Issue #244 [@alfhenrik]
  • #302 - Fixed radiobutton foreground bug [@blooksa]
  • #303 - The min/max/close buttons can be tabbed to… [@blooksa]
  • #304 - add style for virtualised ListBox [@punker76]
  • #306 - The clear text button in textboxes doesn’t match the textbox foreground [@blooksa]
  • #307 - VS Styles do not support horizontal scrollbars [ @larrybeall]
  • #309 - Added a window for displaying all the icons in the resource assembly [@blooksa]
  • #310 - The cleartext button in the passwordbox doesn’t match the one in a textbox [@blooksa]
  • #313 - Update MahApps.Metro/Styles/Controls.ContextMenu.xaml [@programatix]
  • #335 - Use DockPanel in Flyouts instead of StackPanel [@EvilClosetMonkey]
  • #340 - The panorama demo can be exited by pressing the escape key [@Amrykid]
  • #343 - Added keys to ListBox and ListBoxItem so they can be based on [@stefan-schweiger]
  • #344 - Allow Panorama to be Garbage Collected [@mrosack]
  • #346 - “save window settings elsewhere” scenario [@punker76]
  • #358 - Flyouts improvement [@punker76]
  • #370 - Fixed issue #368 [@lmseddik]
  • #386 - Adding .NET 4.5 Support [@shiftkey]
  • #385 - Listview listbox item selected [@stefan-schweiger @shiftkey]